HSC Short Syllabus 2023 PDF Download Science, Arts, Commerce Group

HSC Short Syllabus 2023 has been published. The Ministry of Education has published this short syllabus for HSC and equivalent examinations 2023.

All educational institutions in Bangladesh are closed during the Corona period. Therefore, this short syllabus for HSC examination 2023 will be prepared and taught as it is.

The new short syllabus for science, humanities and business studies groups has been reduced by about 50 percent. The published syllabus will be completed within 84 days. According to the syllabus, all HSC classes have to be completed by June 15.

HSC Routine 2023 will be published after completion of short syllabus. HSC and equivalent examinations will be taken on August 2023.

HSC Short Syllabus

The NCTB experts have prepared HSC short syllabus for the upcoming HSC and equivalent examinations. HSC examination question papers will be prepared from this syllabus. In the published syllabus, more than 50 percent chapters have been reduced in each subject.

The scheduled time will be 84 days based on this syllabus. Earlier, educational institutions will be opened. First, schools and colleges will be opened on a limited scale. A preparatory test will be taken at the end of the syllabus. No fee will be charged for this test.

HSC Short Syllabus Download

All Education Board students can download the short syllabus from their respective Education Board websites. HSC short syllabus will also be available on the Dhaka Education Board and the NCTB website.

HSC Short Syllabus 2021

Students in the Science, Humanities and Business Studies group will be able to download and print a short syllabus of all their HSC level subjects. All syllabuses have been published in PDF format. Download Short Syllabus from here.

SL Subject Subject Code Short Syllabus
01 Bangla 1st Paper 101 Download PDF
02 Bangla 2nd Paper 102 Download PDF
03 English 1st Paper 107 Download PDF
04 English 2nd Paper 108 Download PDF
05 ICT 275 Download PDF

HSC Science Short Syllabus

SL Subject Subject Code Short Syllabus
01 Physics 1st Paper 174 Download Syllabus
02 Physics 2nd Paper 175 Download Syllabus
03 Chemistry 1st Paper 176 Download Syllabus
04 Chemistry 2nd Paper 177 Download Syllabus
05 Biology 1st paper 178 Download Syllabus
06 Biology 2nd Paper 179 Download Syllabus
07 Higher Math 1st paper 265 Download Syllabus
08 Higher Math 2nd Paper 266 Download Syllabus

HSC Business Studies Short Syllabus

SL Subject Subject Code Short Syllabus
01 Business Organization and Management 1st Paper 277 Download PDF
02 Business Organization and Management 2nd Paper 278 Download PDF
03 Accounting 1st Paper 253 Download PDF
04 Accounting 2nd paper 254 Download PDF
05 Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st Paper 292 Download PDF
06 Finance, Banking and Insurance 2nd Paper 293 Download PDF
07 Production Management and Marketing 1st Paper 286 Download PDF
08 Production Management and Marketing 2nd Paper 287 Download PDF

HSC Humanities Short Syllabus

SL Subject Subject Code Short Syllabus
01 History 1st Paper 304 Download PDF
02 History 2nd Paper 305 Download PDF
03 Islamic History and Culture 1st Paper 267 Download PDF
04 Islamic History and Culture 2nd Paper 268 Download PDF
05 Civics 1st Paper 269 Download PDF
06 Civics 2nd Paper 270 Download PDF
07 Economics 1st Paper 109 Download PDF
08 Economics 2nd Paper 110 Download PDF
09 Logic 1st Paper 121 Download PDF
10 Logic 2nd paper 122 Download PDF
11 Sociology 1st Paper 117 Download PDF
12 Sociology 2nd Paper 118 Download PDF
13 Social Work 1st Paper 271 Download PDF
14 Social Work 2nd Paper 272 Download PDF

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