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Movement pass police gov bd application form

Today we will discuss the movement pass police gov bd application form. We already know that the Bangladesh Police Movement has made arrangements to receive emergency services. So if you want to go somewhere in an emergency through Coronavirus, you will need the Police Movement side. So you have to apply for the movement pass by the police. How to apply for the movement application pass is discussed below.


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At present, due to the coronavirus in Bangladesh, everything from all educational institutions to the market is closed. So the Bangladesh government has arranged the movement pass thinking of the people of Bangladesh. So if you want to go to the market or market to do the necessary work, you must need the police movement pass.


To get the movement pass, you have to go to the official website of Bangladesh Police and apply. They will verify and save all the information applied. So you can get all the information of the movement pass from here. And go to the official website and apply.

What problems can you get if you go out on the streets without a police movement pass?


* If you go out on the street without a movement pass, you can read about various problems if you can in front of the police.
* The police can give you various punishments including fines.
* You will be insulted in various ways.
* May even send you back home.

How do you apply for a Movement Pass?

You must first visit the official website to pass the motion. You have to go there and apply. The details were discussed.


1. You must first click on the site
2. Now you have to click on the application button to pass the motion.
3. Now you need personal information (such as – your name, mobile phone number, national identity card or driving license, etc.).
4. Once you have given the required information, you have to click on the submit button.
5. After the application, the police will verify all the information and give a pass with an online QR code scanner.


মুভমেন্ট পাসের জন্য এখানে আবেদন করুন

If you want to go out for all the work you need this kind of movement pass. As discussed below. (Grocery stores, buying and selling in the raw market, agricultural work, distribution of cranes, wholesale and retail buying and selling, etc.

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