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NU Corona Vaccine Registration NU Corona Vaccine Registration has started in July 2021. You can register for Corona Virus Vaccine through the app. Corona Virus Vaccine has been imported from India. Can register. According to the official website, the coronavirus vaccine will be given step by step. Citizens of Bangladesh need to register online. The Covid-19 vaccine 2021 will be given to all the people of Bangladesh. Corona Virus Vaccine Registration Online in Bangladesh 2021.


Corona virus vaccine registration process has started in Bangladesh. Millions of people are registering for the corona vaccine from January 26. Candidates eligible for corona virus vaccine can apply very easily. Interested candidates can also register at www.surokkha.gov.bd. At present vaccination has started in Bangladesh. So you can register on the official website. Details are given below.


At present, after the registration of the corona virus vaccine, all the citizens will be given coronavirus vaccine step by step. So at this time only some people will be able to detect corona virus. However, there are some rules that you will follow. Corona Virus Vaccine Registration Online in Bangladesh 2021.


Corona Virus Vaccine Online Registration Rules

If you do not know the rules for online registration of the corona virus vaccine. Then this post is for you. In this post, I will show you how to do the corona virus vaccine online. So let’s see how to register corona virus online. See details below.


You must remember that if you want to register online, you must have your NID card number. And you must have your mobile number. So if you want to register online, you must have these two.

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* You must first visit the official web site www.surokkha.gov.bd.
* Now you can go there and see all the information. We know you can register online on the corona virus website. Details we have given through this post. Details you will find here.
* In the first stage, no one between the ages of 14 and 18 will be able to register online.
* On the other hand, those who work in the government will be able to work online at this stage. And the general public cannot register under 40 years of age.

Details I have given below for you to read this post very easily. Did you know, you have to give two vaccines for corona virus. You can give 1 vaccine in the first stage. A few days after giving this vaccine you will be informed again via SMS. When will the Covid-19 vaccine be given again later?

Here we have informed you how to apply via SMS. So those of you who are reading this post can see it here. It has been posted here in a very beautiful way. You can read it well.

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