Pabna Zilla School Announced Admission Date & Time

This time the students of Pabna have the opportunity to get admission in a reputed school called Pabna Zilla School only through admission test. Parents have tried a lot in the past to get their child admitted to the school but this time due to the worsening situation, there is an opportunity to get admission only through admission test.

Pabna District School can be a very good institution for those students who think of studying in a good school and parents try to teach in a good school. Parents who live in Pabna now have the opportunity to enroll their child in Pabna Zilla School by applying online. We will present to you all the information on what you need to do online to enroll your child in Pabna District School and how you can collect the results through this article.

pabna Zilla school information

Pabna Zilla School is a government high school in Bangladesh. The school is located in Pabna city and is a very good quality educational institution. The first branch in this school is divided into three branches A is the second branch is B and the third branch is the higher secondary branch.

Classes are held at different times in each branch. The school is now well-known in Pabna and every parent strives to give their child a bright future by enrolling them in school.

pabna Zilla School website for apply online

Those of you who want to apply for admission of your child in Pabna District School through online will be able to apply very easily if you apply following these rules shown to us. First of all you have to enter through this link shown to us and fill the application form there. Once the application form is filled, you can submit the application form there. The application deadline is November 25 to December 8, 2022.

pabna ZillaSchool admission online apply process

To apply online for Pabna Zilla School Admission Test, first you need to enter the official website through the link shown to us. Then you have to click on the option called Apply. There you have to give all the correct information to the student and the students will need a picture that the picture should be a color picture. Image size is set at 150 to 175 pixels and a maximum of 50 kilobytes. Those of you who will fill the application form in this way must check and submit once before submitting the application form.

pabna Zilla School admission result

Those who have already filled the application form to enroll their child in Pabna district school are still waiting for the results of the examination to be released. For your information, this time the admission test will be selected only through the admission test. Hey admission test will be held on 15th December 2022. Test results will be released shortly after the admission test is held.

Those of you who have applied for a better future for your child will have to wait until December 15, 2022. And you need to visit our website regularly to get results. As soon as the results come out we will inform you through a new update paragraph. Be sure to visit our website to know all the information related to admission or results. We bring all the new paragraphs on our website just for you.

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